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Can I Get a Loan Using My Mobile Home as Collateral?

By February 3, 2020Uncategorized

A mobile home is commonly known as a “manufactured home” or “modular home.”  Often time’s individuals need a mortgage to purchase one, and if you have the title or deed to your mobile home and your credit score qualifies for a loan, you frequently can use the mobile home as collateral for a loan. This is where Mobile Home Title loans comes into play in helping individuals qualify for the loan they need.

Mobile Home Title Loans offers loans for individuals who are looking for short-term loans with fixed rated and no up-front costs. While most loan companies will only work with individuals who have nearly impeccable credit, Mobile Home Title Loans is willing to go above and beyond for their customers and offer loans to individuals who have good credit as well as bad credit. People love us because they have an extremely easy approval rate and quick turnaround times on their loans.

Mobile Home Title Loans makes getting your loan easy by allowing low monthly payments with no pre-payment penalties like most competitors charge. Whether your mobile home is paid off or not- Mobile Home Title Loans is willing to help by allowing you to use the funds for whatever you need. Because we only work with homes in mobile home park communities you are able to sell your home at anytime when you fully amortize your loan payments.

Mobile Home Title Loans is happy to use your mobile home as collateral for your new loan. If you have any questions about if you qualify for a mobile home title loan, give us a call! We are happy to go over any questions that you may have- our process is fast, simple and easy!

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